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Shaley’s UX Writing and Content Design Portfolio

Advertising Microcopy for a Swim Safety App


In this print advertisement, I ask why kids should have all the fun at the pool or beach? Then, I offer an alternative swim safety monitor product that can help parents relax.

The target audience is parents who will use the the phone and watch apps to be alerted when someone wearing the shirt is in distress.



The GillO2 wearable swim shirt and app was created by a startup team that was asked to solve a problem that could be addressed using wearable technology.

Since 2005, [in the U.S.] an average of 3,536 non-boat related fatal drownings have occurred. This isn’t a concern just for kids — 80% of drowning victims are older than 14.
(U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2016)

This sobering statistic inspired our team to develop a product that meets a genuine social need, rather than one that simply exists to appease consumer vanity or user trend. We also decided to incorporate crowdsourcing functionality in order to maximize the number of citizen crisis responders.

The Problem

Seconds determine whether or not a water related incident results in a save or fatality. Sadly, even the most skilled and experienced lifeguards can miss the warning signs of a struggling swimmer. Every year inexperienced children, people with health issues, and swimmers without a water buddy drown. They often go unnoticed until too much time has elapsed to make resuscitation possible. Product scenarios included:

  • Children playing in and around water
  • People with health issues (e.g., seizures) that increase risk of drowning
  • Teens and adults without a water buddy

Our goal was to create an affordable safety product that will become essential gear to water lovers, a technology that will save lives and shorten rescue response times by leveraging wearable technology. We wanted to:

  • Reduce incidents of fatal drowning
  • Add peace of mind while swimming
  • Allow swimmers to enjoy water play with more confidence

The Solution

Design a wearable swim shirt with integrated sensors and crowdsourcing GPS that alerts app users in the area when a swimmer’s vital signs indicate they are in trouble.

How the Wearable Swim Shirt and App Works

A sensor in the shirt monitors oxygen, heart rate, and GPS location. If a swimmer’s breathing stops, crowdsourcing GPS alerts everyone with the app within ½ mile about (1) location, (2) direction the wearer is floating/moving, and (3) vitals.


Added elasticity in the trunk of the swim shirt gives sensors better readings. Additionally, the fabric changes color as the body temperature cools. This visual cue informs the wearer (or caretakers) when it’s time to warm up.



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